„A typical cliché is that I have to reset passwords all day long.”


Sie sind Problemlöser, schützen Systeme vor Hackerangriffen und gelten als stille Helden des Alltags. Die Rede ist von Systemadministratoren. Um ihnen für ihr tägliches Engagement zu danken, wurde sogar ein eigener Feiertag ins Leben gerufen. Der internationale Tag des Systemadministrators, der am letzten Freitag im Juli stattfindet. Anlass genug, um unserem Lendico-Admin Kinan ein paar Fragen zu stellen.

1. What made you become a system administrator?

I started fixing computer problems by the age of 16. After finishing my studies (Communication Engineering) in 2018, I moved to Dubai and worked for Dell EMC. After gaining some experience there working on a government project, I applied at Lendico in Berlin.

2. Which superpowers does a system administrator need to have?

You need to be full of integrity. Having access to all systems, you can reset the passwords of every employee. This is why you have to work carefully and objective as a system administrator

3. What do you like about your job at Lendico?

It has a very friendly environment. This is what I like the most at Lendico. And in addition, I like that working here means working based on a trust relationship. Nobody is monitoring you.

4. What is a typical cliché in your job?

I guess a typical cliché is that I have to reset passwords all day long. This is only a small task which is the most annoying one by the way (laughing).

5. Do you have any advice for future system administrators?

Always have a good backup! Then you are on the safe side. In any case, if something happens, any disaster, for example you mess up a server backup, you can recover everything from this backup.

Danke für das Interview, Kinan!

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