„I feel like being allowed to lead the KYC team was a vote of confidence in my skills.“


Aleksandra ist quasi seit der Geburtsstunde von Lendico mit an Bord. Als Team Lead für Transactions und KYC („Know Your Customer“) ist sie Expertin, wenn es um die Analyse, Kontrolle und Überwachung von Neu- und Bestandsgeschäften geht. Dabei hat sie die Kundenbedürfnisse stets im Blick. Wir wollten von ihr wissen, ob sie Frauen in der Finanzbranche für unterrepräsentiert hält und welchen Ratschlag sie Berufsanfängern gibt, die in der Branche Fuß fassen wollen.

1. How did you become the KYC Team Lead at Lendico?

Before taking lead of the KYC Team, I was in charge of the Transactions and Quality Control Team so I already had experience working on KYC topics from the start-up perspective. This dynamic field became more exciting along with the steady growth of Lendico. Today, my team and I are given the amazing task to strengthen the KYC process for our company. I feel like being allowed to lead the KYC team was a vote of confidence in my skills.

2. Tell us about a funny situation at work

I had a call with some colleagues working from home. During an important KYC conversation, one of the colleagues addressed me with words: “ Aleks can we play with the system features (… )” and suddenly we heard a loud music coming from his side. He got muted for some seconds and when he returned, it turned out that his Amazon Alexa device took it as a command to play music.

3. Only 10% of German finance CEO’s are female. What does this Gender Gap mean to you?

I wouldn’t limit the gender gap only to the finance sector, although in this industry gender gap is especially clear. It’s a world known fact that there are inequalities at work – especially in terms of career opportunities and wages. I think there is still a lot to be done. Personally, I know many great women in the finance sector but looking at the sector overall I see more males than females, especially on the executive level.

4. Have you ever felt disadvantaged because of your gender?

I was lucky in my whole professional carrier and I had a chance to work with great managers. I’ve always felt appreciated for the work I do and can’t recall situations where my gender was a disadvantage for me. But it works both ways: never felt that I took advantage of being female. I would like to think that ideally a person’s career progression is determined only by their professional skills.

5. What is your advice for future women in finance?

I think my advice would be same regardless of the gender: play to your strengths, challenge yourself and do not compare yourself to others.

Danke für das Interview, Aleks!

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